Why nuvella for web designing?

nuvella is a leading provider for Web designing and digital marketing services.We are based in Kochi-Kerala and we have full-suite marketing services on the Internet.We execute the entire digital marketing plan from conceptualization and planning through to final step execution.our services include Web Design, SEO, Social Media Advertising, Pay-Per-Click Advert. Web Design Company in cochin

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Top 10 Tips to Protect Employees’ Health from COVID-19

Actively encourage sick employees to stay home. Develop policies that encourage sick employees to stay at home without fear of reprisals, and ensure employees are aware of these policies. Have conversations with employees about their concerns. Some employees may be at higher risk for severe illness, such as older adults and those with chronic medical conditions. Develop other[…..]

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nuvella continues to support mission critical technology backbones

nuvella continues to support mission critical technology backbones for our clients and associates, keeping them open for business We are living in a world where technology is embedded in every aspect of our lives. As a leading technology provider, we are working with more than 5,00 organizations across the world to keep them up and running. We, support some of the health care and pharmacy companies in the world, manage integrated systems – including online channels – for retail companies, and run technology for governments and public services organizations. The smooth functioning of all these organizations will be vital during a period of lockdown and social distancing.